Moses and Jesus were revolutionaries who emancipated their flock with usuryFree Jubilee sacred economics. They were both monetary reformers as they fought evil in the form of usurpation and debt slavery. Usury means money monopoly and any interest on monopoly money loaned.

Lend expecting nothing in return” (Luke 6:35)

“If you have money, do not lend it out at interest. Rather, give to one from whom you will not get it back.”  (Thomas 95)

For the first 1500 years of the Church Christians upheld Mosaic LAW which forbid usury.

“You shall not be like a money lender to him, and you shall not exact interest from him” (Exodus 22:25)

Did you know that even 1% interest on gold, silver or Federal Reserve bank notes creates a scheme where it’s impossible for ALL borrowers repay their debts? And even if you never borrow a dime; all of our money is created as a debt with interest by private banksters which loan money to the US puppet government? Debts which are impossible to pay and create perpetual debt slaves?

Yahweh, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?…He that does not ask interest on loans, and cannot be bribed to victimize the innocent.” (Psalm 15:1 & 5)

“The love of money(usury) is the root of all evil” (Timothy 6:10)



Are you a Jubilist like Jesus? Jesus came to enforce Mosaic LAW which requires usuryFree/anti-monopoly money and Jubilee sabbath each 50 years. That way we serve the Creator NOT Mammon/Banksters. “The love of money is the root of all evil” and Jesus took on that evil by declaring debt Jubilee from Isaiah 61/Luke 4:19.


Jesus took on the “money lenders” who were the most powerful entity on the planet then and today. (The biggest buildings in every city are bank buildings. Think of bank skyscrapers as Pharaohs’ pyramids each built by debt slaves.) Jesus rebelled against the Banksters who were perpetrating the Sin of usury which is forbidden by the LAW of Moses.

Why did God Command Moses to forbid usury?

Usury USURPS our institutions so that they represent the “money power” instead of humanity. That means .001% of the human population control money in order to USURP the will of .999%. That means puppet politicians work for the Banksters not the People.

This is why activists on the political Left and Right are each marching in the streets with the Tea Party and Occupy Wall St. movements. Each political faction is protesting lack of representation by their representatives. This is why the Banksters got bailed out in 2008 despite over-whelming  opposition. It doesn’t matter what the debt slaves want.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”


Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan: “There is no agency of government which can over-rule actions that we take”.

Private banks control the US money supply NOT the United States government. Look on your “dollars” and you will see the words “Federal Reserve”. That’s a PRIVATE company of elite, international bankers.  (click the red text for proof) Therefore, the private bankers “call the tune” not the US government or the American people.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of symptoms of usury, but few know the root cause. Our senses see, hear and feel symptoms of suffering created by usury. However, beautiful, enlightened prophets Moses and Jesus knew the root cause of suffering.

“For every thousand hacking at the branches of evil; there is one who strikes the root” -Henry David Thoreau

Prophets Moses, Joshua and Jesus each forbid usury and therefore “struck the root” of evil.

Humanity desperately needs more enlightened souls to strike the root of evil too. We are required to follow the LAW which forbids usury. We are required to serve God and not mammon. We are required to HATE the Sin of usury too.

Signs of the Sin of usury.

1. A child in the US is born into at least $50k of debt. They will spend their entire lives serving mammon as a result. Even if they never directly borrow a dime. Why do so few talk about this invisible slavery?

2. Half of the cost of most goods and services can be attributed to usury. Prices then increase due to exponentially growing debts fueled by interest. Many Summit residents can only afford the basics to survive. Many people need credit cards just to afford food, shelter, fuel and heating costs. One cannot express their highest God-given gifts in a scarce money system. That’s the true purpose of a life worth living. Not working for mammon.

3. We pay 20 years of a 30 year mortgage in interest payments alone. We serve as mammon’s debt slaves for no reason. usuryFree money and lending eliminates this. There is no need to pay interest on loans. Many life-long residents of Summit County cannot afford to live here due to the high cost of housing. Often two-thirds of the costs of a house is due to interest. UsuryFree lending will make Summit affordable for the “have-nots”.

4. “Borrower is slave to the lender”. The US government borrows money from mammon and immediately gives up sovereignty. Therefore, mammon makes the decisions not the American people through their representatives. It’s not just the US government which is usurped. The State of Colorado, Summit County, the Town of Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Dillon and Frisco each borrow from mammon. This makes them subservient to the “money power” not the residents of Summit County.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”.

Our “representatives” work for private money issued by private bankers in order to pay debts to private bankers. They can’t TRULY represent the “have-nots” as they have little “private bank money”. This is how mammon subverts or usurps all of our institutions.

5. Our income taxes are usury in disguise. Americans work from January 1st to April 17th to pay usury on a private money system. Our income taxes DO NOT PAY for social programs. Income taxes pay for interest on a debt which gets refinanced each year.

“100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt … all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government.”
-Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan – January 15, 1984

usuryFree money ensures that more money goes toward roads, social programs and defense rather than profit to the super-rich.

6. Mammon is a tiny minority of the population, but rules through “divide and conquer”.  Our passions are manipulated so that we hate our Brothers and Sisters. Usury finances political, racial, religious and military factions which war against one another. The One Love of Creation is divided against itself with deceptions by the “father of lies”.

Perpetual political division in Summit County is a symptom of the scarce usury money system. Mammon keeps money scarce so that money is stolen from one group in order to pay for programs for another. Rather than “steeling from Peter to pay Paul”; new usuryFree money can be birthed to pay for social programs, roads and civil projects.

Scarcity of money is an illusion engineered by mammon. When a restaurant owner issues a gift certificate, they issue usuryFree money! There’s no scarcity of gift certificates therefore money. The restaurant owner must produce more food. Food production is the limitation not gift certificates/money.

Similarly, Summit County can issue all the money it wants PROVIDED it produces valuable outcomes. Productive value is the limitation NOT money. We can birth all the new money we wish so long as we produce value! Therefore, there is no problem that we can’t solve for “lack of money”. By issuing our own money to solve our problems we remove mammon’s harness from our necks. This is the path to emancipation and co-creating Heaven on Earth.

We are born with the spark of the Creator with amazing gifts and passions. Mountain Hours local currency for Summit are born from your “soul power”. Just like the restaurant owner issuing a gift certificate. You are the value which backs Mountain Hours. We need to recognize that we are the value not mammon’s money or minions.

UsuryFree money is issued by the People. Only when our representatives are paid with the People’s money will they TRULY represent the People.

Fun fact: The local currency called the Bristol Pound is accepted for local taxes and the mayor takes it for his entire pay. Summit County’s usuryFree Mountain Hours can do the exact same thing.

7. Usury creates un-payable loan contracts. It’s impossible for all borrowers to pay contracts based on ANY interest. Most can pay. However, it’s impossible for EVERYONE to pay. One cannot pay Principle(P)+Interest(I) when only Principle is circulated. Interest is like a Ponzi scheme where victims are mathematically certain despite good intentions.  Did you know that a home loan or mortgage is a “death gamble”? The word derivation for mortgage in French/latin is: mort = mortuary = death. Gage =g amble.

Homelessness is absolutely guaranteed to some borrowers regardless of how hard they work, how many jobs they have, or how well intended they are. Sadly families go homeless with their children living in cars. The parents blame themselves which increases alcoholism, divorce and crime.

It’s time for Summit Christians to solve the ROOT CAUSE of suffering. Think of this the next time you’re at your church’s community meal, see homeless at an intersection

What’s YOUR cause? What about our culture, political, social and economic system makes you angry? What crime lies there? The first step in investigating any crime is to “follow the money”.

For example: If there was a political assassination; don’t focus on the assassin. Focus on who hired the assassin. Only then will you discover the dark, powerful forces involved. Only then will you understand the true motivation for the criminal act.

So what’s your cause? “Follow the money” and you will discover that mammon is the corrupt funding source.

Genocide, perpetual war, police state, destruction of the environment, elimination of our natural rights, infanticide, corrupt culture, toxic TV and poisoning of our food, water and air are all financed by mammon. The “den of thieves” are destroying Creation and life.

Jesus hates usury.

That sounds strange doesn’t it? Jesus doesn’t hate does He? Jesus is love not hate, right?

However, we are commanded to: “Love the Sinner(usurer); hate the Sin(usury).  We must love our enemies, but we must hate sin.

Usury is the greatest sin of all time. This sin is what made Jesus violent. His impassioned anger requires us to investigate this sin which is hidden to most Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Scarcity, poverty, homelessness, hunger, hate, division, racism, political corruption, genocide, infanticide, vile culture, perpetual war and the growing police state are all symptoms of usury.

Usury is the prime reason that most of the other Commandments are broken. 

“Usury is the root of all evil” and Jesus was all about fighting evil. Therefore, He was the MOST passionate about eliminating usury in order to eliminate the institutionalized funding for evil.

Psychopaths rule humanity with a tiny minority via the usury based money system. Alternatively, usury has been forbidden for thousands of years by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

“Usury USURPS” all institutions then replaces them with a violent counterfeit. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have each been usurped and replaced with violent counterfeits. This is how Mammon(money power) divides and conquers humanity. Once institutions have been usurped the “den of thieves” engineers conflict by financing each group. Then the usurped politicians and media herd the sheep toward war, division, fear and anger.

Now, do you see why Jesus HATES usury?

…there’s more. Our food, air, water and minds are being poisoned. The “great destroyer” is warring on all Creation. The worst human values are rewarded through our corrupt monetary system. Those who do the least for humanity are rewarded the most. Materialism, corruption and irresponsibility are rewarded as the wealth is funneled to the “less than 1 percent”.

Usury is the ongoing extraction of wealth from the “have-nots” to the “haves”. Extravagant wealth is rewarded to those who live parasitically off the energy of the masses’ commercial energy. The banksters create nothing, but perpetual debt slavery. Meanwhile, they have become our new kings.

…there’s more. Contracts based on interest cannot be paid by all borrowers. Any interest on gold, silver, paper or digital money creation or lending is guaranteed to bankrupt humanity.  In an invisible game of musical chairs we all eventually lose through attrition. Defaults are built in regardless of how hard we work. A “mort-gage” is a “death-gamble” where some will always lose their homes. Do the simple math and verify for yourself.

…there’s more. Sadly, enough to fill a new library with new books to replace the existing ones which COVER-UP the evil of usury. The “father of lies” has control over our past, present and future. Control over money permits “full spectrum dominance” over a culture, society, military and political system. The “money lenders” own the government. “Borrower is slave to the lender”. Therefore, the US government is slave to the usurers.

Now do you believe that “Jesus HATES usury?” That’s why He turned their tables.

That’s the mission of this publication. It’s time to “turn the tables on the usurers” once again. Pronto! How? The Love R3VOLUTION requires a usuryFree Love Currency and we have it. It’s called Hour Money.

Note: Look for the “usuryFree Winged Lion” seal for genuine usuryFree information. The “father of lies” finances the majority of monetary reform information.


Did you know Jesus was is an expert at math? He has better math skills than a room full of PhD’s in economics. How so? Even if you’re a non-believer; the math behind interest based contracts is entirely flawed.

It’s impossible to pay ALL CONTRACTS based on interest/usury/riba. No matter how hard the borrowers work, some are guaranteed to default.

Why don’t the politicians, talking heads, monetary reformers, economists and bankers talk about this contract fraud?

They’re all paid to be silent on the issue. Alternatively, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad forbid it. Watch this excellent video which exposes how the usurers steal land through defaults. AKA: “theft through color of law”.

Interest is fraud! It’s impossible for all borrowers to repay contracts based on interest. The usurers finance 99% of monetary reform solutions to conceal this foundational flaw.

How can humanity repay exponentially growing debt with flat or linearly growing productivity?

Support for interest is loyal opposition to the usurers who have USURPED the governments and all of our institutions.


Very few people know that usuryFree money creation and lending even exists! That’s how controlled our institutions are today. UsuryFree lending exists, but in our bank controlled, puppet government schools; only usury based economics is taught. Ithaca Hours local currency cooperative loaned $30k to the bank. That’s right. The productive people loaned $30k(3000 Hours) to Alternatives Credit Union. Loan originators, bankers and the brick and mortar bank can all still receive pay compensation without any interest.

“Love the sinner hate the sin” means eliminate the sin of usury. Then have benevolent bankers who loan money without interest. We will have more money, lending and banking without interest.