144k Manifesto

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Please join the 144k and take the Seal of the Lamb. Read the free 39 page PDF to understand how we, with God’s help, emancipate ourselves from Babylonian captivity.

“What has been done will be done. There is nothing new under the sun”

Bible history is prophesy. Revelation is the 2nd Exodus. Christians are awakening to their true identity. The Bible is a book about the Israelites. And Jesus is the High Priest of Israel. Therefore; we follow our Father’s law. And that because our our disobedience to the Law of Moses we are in captivity. And just like our ancient ancestors we must Exodus modern Egypt/Babylon.

 ”The 144k Manifesto” free here!

What you will discover!

1. The Curse of the Money Lenders from Deut 28:43

2. Usury is condemned and Jubilee debt forgiveness required.

3. Israelites have a land inheritance of the earth.

4. Exodus is for all humanity: Israelites and mixed multitudes

5. Exodus is not geographic. It’s the removal of spiritual and commercial service & consent to modern Egypt/Babylon.

6. The Mark of the Beast is NOT physical.

7. Hour Money & Jubilee Shares.