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"7 Mind Bending Ways usuryFree Money will Change the World"

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"Barter Beats Bankers" & "Barter Scrip is Best!"

Why is Hour Money better than: Federal Reserve Notes, United States Notes, Greenbacks, gold, silver or Bitcoin?

  • Hour Money has ZERO monopoly as ANY producer can ISSUE like a gift certificate.
  • "Time is Money" & time is the ONLY commodity controlled by the "have-nots".
  • "Time" is the MOST precious commodity. We can get more money, but NOT more time.
  • Hour Money is implemented without waiting for a corrupt vote.
  • Hour Money is implemented without waiting for a majority. 
  • Hour Money has a fixed unit value like an "inch" so there's no inflation/deflation.
  • Hour Money has no dependence on computers, central governments, banks or corporations.
  • Hour Money is paper first then digital, so no risk from grid power-down.
  • Hour Money is issued AND loaned without interest. This removes 20 years from a 30 year mortgage. And 40% of prices can be reduced throughout the economy.
  • Hour Money is completely decentralized down to the individual.
  • Hour Money is backed by human beings' value.
  • Hour Money is traded globally without currency exchange fees. 
  • Hours are fixed value and known worldwide. 
  • Hours are an astronomically, natural, unit cycle like minutes, days, months and years. 
  • Hour Money is organic so it's kryptonite to globalism.
  • Hour Money establishes a bottom-up power structure.
  • Hour Money is usuryFree so Usurpation of institutions is ended. 
  • Hour Money is barter scrip which has been tested throughout history to save starving people during bankers' engineer currency collapses. 
  • Hour Money barter scrip is issued without ANY debt. 
  • Hour Money is superior to barter alone as specialized vocations and trade are maximized. 
  • Hour Money becomes a source of community pride with images of prominent events, natural beauty, activities, animals and historic figures. 
  • Hour Money is the Love Currency as it's issued by local biz owners who "do what they love" for a living. 
  • Hour Money is abundant so that we can manifest any dreams we can imagine. 
  • Hour Money permits the "have-nots" to script their own future. 
  • Hour Money permits financing of social, civil, environmental, education & retirement programs without coercive taxes. Hour Money will "build the roads" in a voluntary society. 

Common Objection: "Paper and digital money always fail!"  That's correct when paper & digital money is ISSUED by parasitic bankers and politicians. The technology of paper & digital money isn't flawed; the issuer is flawed. Local producers successfully ISSUE paper money in the  form of gift certificates, vouchers, coupons, game and concert tickets. All these various forms of paper/digital money work without inflation/fraud when ISSUED by producers. Nobody's complaining about "coupon counterfeiting", or "gift certificate inflation." 

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