About Us

Moses Carrying The Ten Commandments On A Tablet


We are usuryFree Jubalists who support our Creators LAW which benefits all humanity.

What are the benefits?

1. No national debt

2. No money scarcity therefore abundance for all

3. Social programs are financed with compassion and abundance without violent/coercive taxes which violate “thou shalt not steal”. This will end perpetual political division which destroys the One Love

4. The end of Mammon’s psychopathic war on humanity in the form of poisoning our food, water, air and minds.

5. usuryFree economics permit humanity to work in the vocation of passion is a 15-20 week work year

6. The return of human sovereignty from the “den of thieves” which have usurped all of our institutions.

7. Heaven on Earth

The usuryFree Jubilee offers authentic change and hope for humanity.

When humanity is “wandering in the wilderness” looking for solutions to their trials and tribulations; the Bible explains how we cross over to the “promised land”. We must eliminate force, fraud and monopoly from our social, political and economic systems. To co-create Heaven on Earth we simply need to follow the wisdom of our ancient ancestors with respect to sacred economics.

Remember, this wisdom was EARNED with the blood, sweat and tears of generations of debt slaves. History repeats so we are re-learning these lessons as we have been programmed to ignore natural LAW.

The sacred economic LAW of Moses required 3 things: (Note: the victors write the history;  therefore the usurers have been busy re-writing the usuryFree Jubilee message of the Bible)

1. No usury which is money monopoly and interest. “Do not be like a money lender; charge him no interest. (Exodus 22:25) The 8th Commandment: “Thou shalt not steal”. Interest fraud creates un-payable debt contracts and therefore “theft through color of law”.

2. Debt forgiveness Jubilees each 7 and 7×7(49) or 50 years. Jubilee = Sabbath. The 4th Commandment: “Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy” (Exodus 20:8-11)

3. Don’t worship the Golden Calf. The 3rd Commandment: “Don’t worship graven images(false idols)” (Exodus 20:4). Gold and silver money are cartels of control by the elite to dominate the “have-nots”. They are commodities to use like food, but not to be used as money. Jesus “turned the money lenders tables” as they were perpetrating usury on silver shekels. Additionally, Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.

“Sovereigns without subjects” issue their own money based upon their products, services and unique God-given gifts and soul power.

usuryFree money is issued by the “have-nots” without monopoly control by the political and financial elite. ¬†A restaurant owner issues usuryFree money in the form of a gift certificate. Similarly, everyone starts off with $1500 at the beginning of a Monopoly board game. They have no debt or interest owed.

Humanity must do the same thing. All producers issue currency debt and interest free each year. For example $30k/yr. if they produce $30k worth of products and services. This usuryFree currency should be issued locally, county by county, so that the “money power” is decentralized.

We are at the beginning phase of this with mtnHours which is modeled after Ithaca Hours 20 year old system. There were 3000 local currency systems in the US during the Great Depression. This type of currency is called barter scrip. Businesses issue themselves to innovate barter. Money is just a technology to simplify barter and serve humanity.

When humanity adopts usuryFree sacred economic LAW: 1. No perpetual debt 2. No wasting trillions on interest. 3. Recover sovereignty from the “den of thieves” 4. Unite as both the political left and right get what they want without conflict. 5. Full employment in the vocation of their passion in a 15-20 week work year. 6. Eliminate 20 years from a 30 year mortgage for the same payment. 7. Peace on Earth as war is defunded 8. We will heal our mind, body, soul and the planet. 9. Peace of mind for all God’s children 10. Heaven on Earth with humanity reaching its true potential.

Mountain Hours is the Love Currency as it’s: “Issued usuryFree for Sustainability”. The Love Currency eliminates force, fraud(usury) and monopoly.

The Creator gave us gifts and passion. Our own dedication, talents and focus taught us skills which we must share with our friends, family and neighbors. Our “soul power” is the value behind Mountain Hours. It’s issued as a credit without debt or usury to mammon.

Mountain Hours is based upon the LAW of Creation.

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Who are we? We’re dedicated humanitarians, dreamers, Jubalists and Love Revolutionaries! Together we’re going to “flip the script”, “flip pyramids” and “turn the tables”. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon us” and we are going to fulfill the LAW of Creation.



Did you know it’s FREE for Summit County local businesses to immediately receive $200(20 Mountain Hours)? Isn’t that what kind of currency Jesus would require?

Mountain Hours is given away in complete alignment will His loving intention for humanity’s abundance.