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Do you wanna earn some bank monopoly money while you spread the message of hope of the usuryFree Jubilee?

Sadly, we live in Babylon and Federal Reserve Notes(FRN’s) are needed to survive unless you go live off-grid. Selling usuryFree Jubilee training for FRN’s is a great way to live in society and simultaneously begin building the world anew. Locally, we accept Hour Money for the training, but the digital merchant account won’t allow it online.

There are 4 products to chose from. Each are focused on usuryFree Jubilee Sacred Economics. However, they target different groups needs.

A video at the bottom of the page will walk you through the simple steps to sign up as an affiliate for free. Make some bank money while you work on beating the bankers. It’s the best option we have. You will typically earn roughly 50% of sale price deposited into Paypal account.

You will need: 1. Paypal account 2. Phone number to confirm registration

*Note: All products are digitally downloaded. Except: consider purchasing a usuryFree Jubilee T-Shirt to spread the message.

1. usuryFree Jubilee Training



2. The Wandering Monks “Jubilee” music and videosmonksJubilee.larger


3. Hour Money Introduction Training

HM Intro Product


4. Hour Money Installation Training: For the Super-Heroes who wish to lead their Tribe to the Promised Land.



Affiliate Sign Up Video: “How to”



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