Free: Bible Beats Banksters Book

Bible Beats Banksters

Bible Beats Banksters

“The Bible is a Victory Manual NOT a Therapy Manual”

Humanity will win its emancipation quickly once we are obedient to our Creator’s law on money. Disobedience results in captivity. Obedience is rewarded with emancipation over the “den of thieves”. We must stop serving Mammon through the “Mark of the Beast” known as the international petrodollar/Federal Reserve Note. We are all feeding the Beast which is destroying us.

11 page PDF guide to understanding Biblical law on money. This guide has dozens of links to videos and websites which explain usuryFree Jubilee monetary reform. This is the “tip of the spear” in the non-violent revolution to emancipate humanity from debt bondage.

Watch the videos!!! Join the Christian money revolution!!! Help end Babylon’s reign over humanity!!! Arise Christendom!

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