Why Jesus Saves; but Christianity Destroys American Indians.



Jesus’ teachings have more in common with historic American Indians than modern Christianity.

Why? The Indians lived: 1. independently 2.  in harmony with Creation and 3. served the “great spirit”. Alternatively, modern Christians live: 1. As dependent slaves 2. in conflict with Creation and 3. serve Mammon not God.

Despite Christians beautiful intentions, donations and lofty words; they do not save on the aggregate. Certainly, many individuals will be saved by finding Jesus through Christian outreach. Honest Christians help with the suffering that they unwittingly support through service to Mammon.

Homelessness, hunger, addiction, divorce, hate are all symptoms of a Satanic money system. Honest, caring Christians will then donate massive amounts of time, money and leadership to focus on helping people victimized by the symptoms of usury. Loving, sincere Christians help the homeless, hungry, addicted, divorced and angry.

However, the root cause of usury is rarely spoken about. This is a massive diversion from Jesus’ truth. Jesus fought the devil by exposing the money lenders. Modern Christians are dupes and protectors of the money lenders thus the devil. Worse, by promoting their corrupt form of Christianity; they help the devil to enslave & kill more independent, indigenous people throughout the world.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you travel around on sea and land to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.”  -Matthew 23:15

Christians evangelists are unwittingly creating “sons of hell”. A usury financed Church is an oxymoron. As soon as any Jew, Christian or Muslim participate in a usury based currency they become servants of Mammon, thus the devil. This is why Moses, Joshua, Jesus and Muhammad each forbid usury. This is why the Christian Church forbid usury for 1500 of its 2000 year existence.

Usury is a land conquest scheme which creates dependent, desperate, debt slaves for the devil. Historically, American Indians had no: debt, poverty, famine, alcoholism, homelessness and family breakdown. But when a modern Christian sees Indians suffering from debt, poverty, alcoholism etc: they blame the Indians lack of faith in Jesus. Thus, Mammon’s victims get blamed rather than Mammon. Self-righteous Christians are willfully ignorant about satan’s war on humanity through usury.

American Indians had barter based, usuryFree money called wampum. This money was a tool to serve trade. Alternatively, usury money is a tool to enslave humanity with invisible chains.

Understanding this root cause issue is absolutely essential to emancipate humanity. American Indians and Christians must escape their addiction to Mammon’s money in order to achieve their true potential. Christians are commanded to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We cannot build the Kingdom with the devil’s money. We must issue our own.

Once we build His Kingdom, then we should share it with the world. Otherwise, we Christians will be spreading satan’s bondage. We must “be the change” locally and achieve our own independence and abundance through His Jubilee.

The genocide of millions of American Indians is on the hands of the very form of corrupt Christianity which being evangelized today. In north, south and central America Christians killed millions. Regardless of whether they excepted Jesus or not they were killed. Their spirit, dreams and independence was stolen by the “den of thieves”. Just as Bankster financed globalism is destroying the entire planet.

Think about the movie “Avatar”. Modern Christians would be serving the usury Corporation mining un-obtanium. Meanwhile, the Na’vi were living as “savages” in harmony with Creation. The “civilized” were willing to destroy Creation to get the un-obtainium. The “civilized” coveted, killed and stole for precious commodity. This is exactly what Christians have done for gold, land and oil to American Indians and Muslims. Worse, we blame the indians and Muslims and call them terrorists.

However, within this great tragedy lies an opportunity. Christians are commanded to be the light and spread the authentic hope of the Jubilee. The Jubilee is the announcement of our Creator’s authentic Kingdom of abundance, justice and peace. We must lead by example and redeem Christianity. We must build the Kingdom as a beacon of light to a planet filled with despair.

Then Indians will appreciate Christians as courageous fighters of evil.

“Welcome to the Reservation” by Lakota Russell Means.

The US is a large reservation we independence is destroyed.


Ferguson: Top 5 Ways Jubilee Economics would Prevent It.



Whether one is a believer or non-believer, the truth of sacred economics offer hope in a sea of despair. Even atheists will enjoy a massive increase in their standard of living and connection to community. Believers will embrace a far deeper understanding as to why Jesus got violent with the “den of thieves”. And why our Redeemer proclaimed Jubilee in Luke 4:19 to announce His Kingdom on Earth.

Here are the Top 5 ways sacred economics of the usuryFree Jubilee would prevent the chaos in Ferguson, MO surrounding the police shooting of Michael Brown. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” -Albert Einstein. Please use your imagination to explore our possible today had we achieved a Jubilee 25 years ago. Let’s use the “Fall of communism” as a reference date.

On November 9, 1989 thousands of jubilant Germans brought down the most visible symbol of division at the heart of Europe – the Berlin Wall.

It’s essential to understand that jubilant Germans were simply released from one man-made slave system controlled by Banksters to another man-made slave system controlled by Banksters.  The “den of thieves” simultaneously financed communism and capitalism during the Cold War.

Since we all work for private bank monopoly money we are all defacto employees of private monopoly banksters. The elite Banksters are Satan worshippers who engineer conflict in order to divide and conquer humanity. We are all debt slaves living in a bank colony called the United States. The Banksters live off-shore with no allegiance to any nation or people. The militarized police are hired to put down debt slave revolts, protect the Banksters’ holdings and promote divide and conquer cointel programs.

Mammon finances its own loyal opposition revolutions where they remain in power. When say; communism is replaced with capitalism. Realize that the management team changes. But, the same off-shore international bank ownership continues. In this way the honest anger of debt slaves is harnessed into non-solutions led by Judas Goats. Monetary control is never changed. Thus real change does not occur.

Alternatively, what would our today look like, if the world had an authentic Jubilee November, 9 1989? An authentic reason for Germans to be jubilant! A Jubilee where we all stop unwittingly serving Mammon the destroyer via our own use of the Banksters’ money. What if we serve the Creator by using our own self-issued, usuryFree, anti-monopoly money? Remember, Mammon’s dreams are our nightmares. And our dreams are Mammon’s nightmare.

So, what exactly is an authentic Jubilee sabbath?

1. Believers and non-believes self-issue money so that they no longer serve Mammon. Thus the producers have abundance rather than the parasites. And sovereignty and self-determination replace usurpation. Then money is a tool to manifest our dreams rather then destroy them.

2. Return of land stolen by Mammon via usury fraud and force. That means we are no longer renters on our own land. Think of the American Indians or the Na’vi from the move Avatar. Our Creator didn’t create our beautiful planet so that we would be perpetual debt slave, renters. American Indians didn’t pay to have shelter prior to the invasion of white, usurped Christians. Jubilee requires land reform. Renters & debt slaves will just be given their existing shelter as their inheritance. The Banksters stole the land they hold fraudulent title to: “fraud vitiates all contracts”.

Don’t worry! Honest investors who EARNED the money to buy real estate will be protected. For example: Banksters invent money and will lose. Honest investors who have real estate holdings which are turned over to renters will be compensated. Repatriated gold and silver stolen by the “den of thieves” will be targeted for this purpose.

In order for humanity to be human; we must care more about human beings than maintaining the status quo. There are more bank owned, vacant houses in the US than homeless. Spiritual based compassion trumps materialism. Thus human beings get houses.

3. Release of non-violent prisoners. The Banksters ignore our Creator’s very few LAWs for sacred economics. This creates massive scarcity which creates despair, violence and petty theft. The Banksters then create thousands of man-made codes and a police state to focus on the debt slaves’ minor crimes. Thus the victims are turned into criminals. The Jubilee releases captives and establishes genuine justice.

4. Debt forgiveness. Historic American Indians and animals don’t live as perpetual debt slaves serving a tiny cabal of elite. The Lord’s Prayer requires that: “we forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”. “Our debtors” are the Banksters who have deliberately enslaved our minds, bodies and souls for centuries. We will forgive their sins in exchange for them forgiving our debts.

5. Restoration of the land. The Banksters are warring on all creation not just human beings. A healthy environment is essential to sustain life; and strong minds, bodies and souls.

Some “conservative Christians” may deride the above a communist redistribution of land. That’s a confusion. Returning stolen land to occupants is justice. A planet dominated by absentee landlords is neo-fuedalism. Additionally, “do unto others” and “thou shalt not steal” eliminates income and property taxes. Public works will be financed without theft and violence by the Banksters’ minions in government.

Now, please take a moment to imagine how different our world would be today; if we had a Jubilee 25 years ago. How would things be different in Ferguson, MO. Here are the Top 10 Ways Sacred Economics would have prevented the shooting and resulting rioting.

1. Michael Brown would NOT have been shot. The police will “serve and protect” the entity which pays them. Since the People issue the money; the police will “serve and protect” the People rather than the Banksters. Un-armed “officers of peace” would patrol streets where abundance and hope is everywhere. Jubilee ends the economic imbalance that creates the police state. The county sheriff alone could be hired by the local people to enforce the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP).

2. Michael Brown would likely be an aspiring local businessman. Schools in a jubilee society are designed to teach people to create businesses based upon one’s passions and gifts. Students promote their unique-ness rather than hammered into conformity. This creates love of self. Monetary scarcity which fuels crime and desperation does not exist. Locally controlled money promotes local self-sufficiency and economics.

3. Michael Brown would likely be an aspiring homeowner. And his community would have self-determination. Perpetual debt slaves are desperate and violent. Members of a community with an inheritance have a stake in the future and peaceful.

4. Michael Brown’s mind would have been nurtured. Loving family, community and culture would have given him a foundation for success. Rather than corrupt, violent, hate-filled Television Programming; minds will be taught empowerment, unity and love. One Love for all humanity is the truth of our spiritual revival. Big Pharma, Big Agra, poison vaccines and fluoridated water would be replaced with God’s natural nutrition and health.

5. Ferguson, MO would not riot. Rioting is a sign of a sick society which destroys itself. Jubilee heals sick societies with the Creator’s abundance, justice and hope. Think about it. Banksters don’t protest, vote, riot or petition their representatives. Banksters issue money instead. If the “have-nots” issue money they won’t need to protest, vote or riot either. The “have-nots” will cease to be “have-nots” once they issue their own money and create their own economy.

Social programmers say that it takes at least one generation to corrupt societies. The Banksters have waged a slow, incremental enslavement of minds and communities. We dying a “death by 1000 cuts”. Because we are being destroyed through deception; Mammon’s war is quiet and not perceived by most. However, the healing process of the Jubilee is done in the light of day. We can make massive impact quickly.

The real lesson of the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy’s home was her own “Kingdom of Heaven”. On the farm in Kansas she had food, water, shelter, safety and a loving family. She had a future of abundance. As Christians we are commanded to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That’s our future home. The Jubilee is the foundation required to create the Kingdom.

Just like Dorothy we can “go home” as soon as we believe in ourselves. We must believe in our own value. So long as we believe that we need the Wizard or the benevolent witch we will remain dependent. But, when we believe in ourselves and our own, self-issued money; we will be independent. Only then will we serve ourselves and our Creator. Only then will we be able to build Heaven on Earth.

“Jesus Saves” is true, if we follow Him not the Church. The modern Church dogma is a tool for Mammon’s divide and conquer strategy. Jesus Saves us when we take action to build His Kingdom. His Kingdom requires usuryFree money and Jubilee. We cannot build His Kingdom with the devil’s money system. The devil’s usury money system is designed to build the Hell on Earth. Sadly, Mammon’s money system is working exactly as designed in modern day Ferguson, MO.








Pope Francis: “Usury is not human; it’s a social evil”. Here’s how he’s still being deceptive.

Pope Francis talks about usury?! Here’s how he’s still being deceptive.


“Usury is the root of all evil” but the Pope is still not telling the entire story.

Usury is NOT simply excessive interest. Usury is money monopoly with ANY interest.

The US is NOT a sovereign nation as it borrows all of its money from the private, corporate Federal Reserve. “Borrower is slave to the lender”. Thus the US is slave to the Federal Reserve.

Problem is that the owners of the Fed are satan worshippers who deliberately engineer hate and war. And they finance all sides of conflict. Then the puppet media fans the flames of war.

Jesus called the usurers the “den of thieves”, Mammon or the Synagogue of Satan. Solution? Christians must issue their own usuryFree money in order to serve the Creator instead of mammon/destroyer.

Bankster Destroyed Cities

The Banksters can pick winners and losers for cities, businesses, industries, nations, politicians and technology.

Both political parties are paid to offshore jobs to the 3rd world. Globalism turns all usury host nations into banana republics eventually.

Here’s a link for the to 10 US Cities turned into crime riddled hell. Each were destroyed by a malevolent money system. Each can be rebuilt with a benevolent money system. Think of money as the life blood of an economy. Or water in the desert. New York has abundance as it’s a financial center. Hollywood has abundance as it’s a propaganda center. Each have abundant blood/water to irrigate their community. Scarce money starves cities and creates Detroit. Money goes to the elite and corrupt. That’s why the “money power” must be decentralized.


4th of July in Summit. Did you know the Am. Revolution was over usury? Video

Universal truth:

“The victors write the history”
“The first casualty in war is the truth” (Jesus is the Truth)
“Blessed are the peacemakers”

*The video incorrectly advocates silver monetary reform. Gold/silver/Bitcoin/Greenbacks/FRN’s are each monopoly controlled. Jesus flipped tables filled with the “money lenders” silver shekels. Silver/gold are good for fear based dollar collapse insurance. But, they are tools to dominate the “have-nots” as a monetary system.

Lesson: There is one, common instigator of war which is the devil manifested on earth in the form of psychopathic Banksters. The Banking elite play the role of modern day pharaohs. Man pretending to be god by putting man’s law over God’s LAW. God’s LAW permits emancipation through the usuryFree Jubilee.

Certainly there will always be fighting, greed and conflict. But, we won’t have institutionally financed and engineered war.

Please watch “All wars are Banksters wars” for more detail how wars are engineered.

The Banksters finance the Taliban, Saddam, al Qaeda boogie men.



Will you let the devil dupe you with the newest boogie man in the form of ISIS? Jesus understood mammon’s divide and conquer strategy via engineered hate.

Jesus: “love your enemies”.  Why? Because the devil has control over the money system which finances a war on our minds to get us to hate. Satan can’t get you to hate without a good agent provocateur Boogie Man.

Remember when American were taught the “savages” were the enemy on the North American continent? Do you think American Indians are evil today? Or, were they just defending their own land, families and way of life? Think of the movie “Dances with Wolves”. Who were the real savages?

Mammon has financed a war of conquest, domination and destruction of all independent people. Mammon wants dependence, obedience, debt slavery, division, war, hate and ignorance. Mammon wants materialism and ego over spirituality.

This war on all humanity will only end once we remove our commercial energy from Mammon’s money system. The devil has no power without us. We must not permit our minds to be filled with hate and division.

Don’t buy into the hate manipulated by Mammon’s puppet media and news outlets. The war and hate is as much of a lie as Britney’s and Miley’s cultural values. They call it “Tell-Lie-Vision Programming” for a reason.

Let the Banksters, talking heads and politicians lead in the field for our next engineered war.

Note: the Banksters pay their political puppets to do the dirty work. Just like the “money lenders” hired the Romans to crucify Jesus. Reagan, Rumsfeld, McCain, and Obama are just puppets for the money power. “Borrower is slave to the lender”. The US government borrows its money from the private, international Federal Reserve.

The government does what the Banksters will. The Banksters can only rule with a tiny minority by “dividing and conquering” Brother and Sister.

“Usura Slayeth the Child in the Womb” by poet Ezra Pound



“Follow the money” whenever investigating any crime. The Banksters hire false idols on the political Left and Right to deceive the sheep with Hegelian Dialects. Each the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and Ron Paul Revolutions were financed by the Banksters themselves. How does one know?

Who did they target as the “root of evil”?

Not usury.

How do we save the world?

Listen to the Prophets!

We’re all artists of some form or another. We’re spirits temporarily manifested in flesh. We should be living our lives as works of art. Not as fearful, perpetual debt slaves.

“Starving Artists” are “starving” because of the “root cause” of Usury. Forbidden by all the ancient Prophets. .001% monopolize money of ANY form then hire the enforcers to act as mercenaries, patsies and puppets.

Therefore, artists MUST target their ire on the root evil. We win a spiritual war against Mammon. We lose a physical war against Mammon’s mercenaries.

Listen to Usury fighting super hero poet, Ezra Pound. Mentor to 4 Nobel Poet Laureates including Hemingway. Listen to the words 5x over. “Usura slayeth the child in the womb” = debt slavery before birth and infanticide. Usury is a war on all Creation through addiction to toxic money. Listen to the Prophets not the false prophets. Hear the wisdom of the ancients.



Solution? Artists must ISSUE their own money with a pen just like a restaurant owner ISSUES a gift certificate. Sovereigns ISSUE money. Slaves spend the sovereigns money.

How much does it cost to buy YOUR soul?


In Babylon Banksters, politicians, talking heads, entertainers, athletes are the MOST well compensated. Bread and circuses are essential to distract debt slaves that they live in a Bank Colony. Enslaving the mind, body and soul is the goal. To earn your “friendship” the deceivers must appear to relate to you and be your friend. Your “pretend friend”. Influence makers of all forms “sell their souls” to serve Mammon rather than their Creator and humanity. The path to emancipation from Babylon is the usuryFree Jubilee.

Alternatively, in the Kingdom artists of all types ISSUE their own anti-monopoly money. “We teach a man to fish”. Therefore, artists don’t parasitically support Mammon through the money system. When artists ISSUE their own money; they don’t borrow. Therefore, “borrower is slave to the lender” does not apply. This is how in the Kingdom the Bank Colony is replaced by an Art Colony. There “starving artists” have been replaced by artists of abundance.

But, in Babylon art is a tool of Bankster propaganda. The “sold-out” artists’ primary job is divide, dumb down, distract and drunken minds. Sadly, Stockholm Syndrome riddled debt slaves worship their false idols. ALTHOUGH THE BANKSTERS FINANCE FALSE IDOL ENTERTAINERS. Additional funds come from the duped debt slaves, groupies and sycophants. Similar to Church propagandists the message of LOVE is offered. However, “love is NOT all we need”. We need Truth too. Jesus was love and truth. He fought the Banksters with His greatest passion. But, deceivers in music, art, TV and the Church all omit the deep truth about usury. Indeed out “truth tellers” have been usurped.

Here are some breakdowns of what Banksters controlled music acts make.


Even DJ’s get paid well to deaden minds.


Vacuous music one of the PRIME tools employed by Mammon to destroy minds. Think of how powerful anti-war music was during the Vietnam War era. CCR, Marvin Gaye, John Lennon etc.

Can you think of any big-name anti-war music today? Wars rage on but no social consciousness.

But, what is the EXACT opposite of Mammon’s controlled music? Who performs conscious music focused to expose the Banksters and their minions? Who creates Love Vibrations which specifically uplift, offer hope and the EXACT plan to beat Mammon?

The Wandering Monks enlightened hip-hop band from conscious Colorado are one of the few artists which mentions USURY. They have an entire music album called “Jubilee”. They ISSUE their own money in the usuryFree mileHighHours.com local currency system. They have earned and spent Mountain Hours usuryFree local currency. “Talk’ cheap”. The funky Monks walk the path of the truly enlightened. It’s one thing to complain about war. It’s a far GREATER commitment to stop participating in the money system used to finance perpetual war.

Support artists which offer both LOVE and TRUTH.

Checkout the Wandering Monks at: monksJubilee.com