Holidays v Feasts

Jesus obeyed the Law of Moses. He didn’t add to God’s “perfect law of liberty”. Therefore, Jesus and the apostles observed the Feasts rather than “Man-made traditions”. Easter and Christmas are “Man-made traditions” which existed roughly 1000 years PRIOR to Jesus.

The devil’s deception is to trick Jews & Christians into replacing the Law of Moses/Torah with Man-made tradition. Jews ignore the Torah and follow the Babylonian Talmud. Christians ignore Torah and follow Sun-god worship/Roman pagan traditions.

Here’s an excellent teaching by 119 Ministries called “Sunburned”

Here’s a free 180 pg PDF called: “Fossilized Customs” explaining how both dominant Judaism & Christianity are: anti-Torah thus anti-Christ.


Churchianity is crypto sun-god worship. That includes Catholics & protestants and all the other denominations which promote Lawlessness.