Operation Jubilee Audio and Ebook

Dear Jah Warrior,

3400 Years ago Joshua, the Israelite commander, led a non-violent, military campaign to emancipate debt slaves. Jericho was the first Bankster controlled citadel to challenge Moses’ successor and the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark is the container for our Creator’s sacred economic LAW. Law revealed to Moses through the One Love “burning bush”.  Mosaic LAW requires Jubilee Sabbath each 50 years. Jubilee debt forgiveness: so that Believers serve our Lord; not the “money monopoly” known as Mammon. 


From outside Jericho’s stone walls of division looked impenetrable. The cancer of fear, hate and separation consciousness was deliberately used to infect the hearts of combatants. But, the Ark is undefeated in spiritual warfare. The Ark represents One Love, unity consciousness for all humanity. The Ark offers everyone a future far better than fighting for the elite. Joshua shined the light in a loud parade around Jericho. The warriors inside dropped their weapons. The tribes united.


Ark consciousness replaced fear with peace of mind. Everyone won except the Banksters. Stone walls of division between debt slaves, in and out of uniform, dissolved. The 99% united for a better future where they issued their own money. The paradigm shift in power occurred when the police and military accepted the Peoples’ money instead of the Banksters. The seemingly “all powerful” money wizards suddenly had a mutiny on their hands. 


Joshua and his tribe led this campaign of emancipation throughout the promised land. Grateful, Jubilant, former debt slaves shared the land as a real life miracle was manifested. Ram’s horns announced the “good news” of our Creator’s Love Revolution. Music and dancing replaced madness and despair. The Usurers’ spell of fear and hate was lifted. 


 “Operation Jericho” saved humanity then. Today, we must use it again. 

We are all Commanded to emancipate our Tribe. 

Buy the “Operation Jericho” audiobook package for $7.50

 You get the nearly 3 hour audio book, 30 page ebook and  a 45 minute training video. This is the exact non-violent, military manual that I will use to emancipate my tribe!


 Why is “Operation Jericho” so powerful?

1. Operation Jericho specifically identifies the enemy then renders it impotent. We create a new completely independent money system which makes the existing model obsolete.

2. No waiting for a vote from the corrupt

3. We will win with a tiny minority

4. Both the political Left and Right get what they want in the ultimate win-win agreement

5. It creates a bottom-up, authentic, grass roots monetary system with common fixed, units which can be spent worldwide

6. You can earn both Hour Money and Federal Reserve Notes as the movement grows. 

7. By shining your light you will emancipate your tribe and become who you are really meant to be. You’ll be part of an international movement which will create a real-life miracle. 

"Arise Jah Warrior and Release Captives for the most Epic upset in human history!"