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Jesus took on the greatest evil of His time. And we must do the same today. All the devil’s power comes from us; which is parasitically extracted through our toxic money system. Humanity has a terminal addiction. It’s time for us to: 1. Admit we have a problem. 2. Have a focused and sustained conversation about how we reform. 3. Slowly wean ourselves off of the devil’s money.

Jubilee TV’s Mission Statement: To inform Christians how they unwittingly serve Mammon; and how to Create a new money system which serves the Creator.

Top 7 Reasons to Watch Jubilee TV.

Episode I: Brett Jones’ Art to Whip the Banksters. Understand how imagination and blue printing are essential to building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Episode II: What is Jubilee TV?: Christian Money Reform Summit. A few dozen satanic banking families rule humanity through a usury-based money system. Since they rule with a tiny minority; we can win with a tiny minority. What’s the goal? To build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When Believers issue their own money, they won’t be restrained by the the devils’ money system.

Episode III: How to save Jews and Palestinians based upon an allegory from Star Trek “Day of the Dove”

Star Trek Allegory to save Jews and Palestinians. from Breckenridge Video Marketing on Vimeo.

Episode IV: The Mustard Seed plan to Build the Kingdom in Summit County.

Episode V: Mountain Hours Local Currency & our Journey to the Promised Land.

Episode VI: What Would Jesus Do to save the world? -Featuring Morgan Freeman voice actor. The Bible is the owners manual for planet earth. Sadly, we’re not using it.

Episode VII: How to save the American Indians & Christianity.

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Jubilee TV #1: 144k Exodus Jubilee Monetary Reform Planning
144k Exodus Jubilee TV #1

What is “The 144k Manifesto”? -Wayne Walton
Including: “Thy Kingdom Come” movie script, Jubilee cycles of release, Jubilee Shares, and “Officer of Peace” music video.

Jubilee TV #2: 144k Exodus Jubilee Monetary Reform Planning.
144k Exodus Jubilee #2

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s fear-based shemitah deception. -Henry Garman.
“History of Money & Usury in America” -Daniel S. Krynicki

Jubilee TV #3: “Creating the ‘impossible’ Jubilee”
144k Exodus #3

“The Wizard of Oz” allegory demonstrates that Dorothy could “go home” as soon as she “believed”. Believed in herself rather than the Wizard.
“Accomplishing the Impossible: Monetary Reform & Jubilee” -Henry Garman

Jubilee TV #4: “Islamic Debt & Riba Solutions”
144k Exodus Jubilee TV #4

“Islamic Debt & Riba Solutions” -Amer Ikram
“Creating the Impossible Jubilee II” -Henry Garman

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Jubilee TV #5: “Punk’d Again: WWIII & Usury East vs Usury West
144k Exodus Jubilee TV #5


144k Exodus Jubilee Mission Statement: Wayne Walton
Self-issuing money: Cory Peterson
Putin: How usury creates cult of personality. Henry Garman

Jubilee TV#6: “Jesus’ Rap Sheet & Usury Conscientious Objector”
Jubilee TV#6

“Jesus’ Rap Sheet as enemy of the State” -Henry Garman
“Conscientious Objector of Usury” -Brian Jackson


Jubilee TV #7: “Making 144k Viral & Ark of Covenant as Avatar’s Toruk”

jubilee TV#7


Making 144k usuryFree Jubilee go Viral -Henry Garman
How the Ark of the Covenant & Avatar’s mythical Toruk Relate -Wayne Walton

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Jubilee TV#8: “Recruiting 144k Souls & 7 Powerful Steps After”

We’re under a curse; but YOUR pride won’t let you admit it. Remember, “the meek shall inherit the earth”. And we Israelites receive our inheritance through Jubilee release. Jubilee law is part of the Old Testament/Torah.

We’re under the Curse of the Money Lenders from Deuteronomy 28:43. Because of our disobedience to the Law of Moses/Torah we are under a curse.

Please watch the entire non-violent strategy for emancipated souls to be released from captivity in Mystery Babylon. “Let my People go!”

Intro: “You’ll Rise Up” -Tragedy & Hope”
10:15 Tommy usuryFree Kennedy “3rd Annual Riba Conference”
20:40 Henry Garman “Recruiting the 144k Tipping Point”
41:00 Ken O’Keefe “Usury Abolitionist”
1:06:05 Jesus Proclaims Jubilee Luke 4:19
1:06:52 Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney & MLK
1:13:56 7 Powerful Steps After 144k Souls Recruited
2:04:12 “Officer of Peace”(Jubilee Sheriff) -Wandering Monks
*Discover the entire usuryFree Jubilee Love Revolution in a 4 minute music video.
Our Creator’s entire vision for victory!

Jubilee TV#9: Summit Girls 4 Truth & “Curse of the Money Lenders”(Deut 28:43)

Summit Girls 4 Truth: Lizzy Mize & Robyn Walton on Usury Abolitionist Acivism
“The Curse of the Money Lenders” -Henry Garman
“Bono vs Joshua”: Authentic Jubilists? -Brian Jackson

Jubilee TV#10: Celebration of 11th Annual UsuryFree Day University of Ottawa.

“Old Paradigm of Usurpation to New of Sovereignty” -Henry Garman
“Modern Usury Abolitionists” -Wayne Walton



Jubilee TV#11: “Your Land Inheritance” & “Cannabis Beats Babylon”

“Torah: Right on Target to Reclaim our Inheritance” -Henry Garman
“Top 7 Reasons why Cannabis is ESSENTIAL to Mystery Babylon” -Wayne Walton

Jubilee TV#12: “Children of Abraham Betrayed” & “Lord’s Feasts Trump Pagan Holidays”

“Jews, Christians & Muslims are Children of Abraham BETRAYED by their Religious & Political Leaders” -Henry Garman
“Feasts of the Lord Trump Pagan holidays”: understand how the Lord’s Feasts are dress rehearsals for the 2nd Coming-Wayne Walton

Jubilee TV#13: “Habbakuk: Debtors Rebellion” & “End False Flags”

Jubilee TV#13

“Habbakuk Prophesy: Debtors Rebellion” -Henry Garman
“How to End False Flag Events: Chase the Devil out of earth” -Wayne Walton

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