Kingdom of Breckenridge

Jesus announced His Kingdom by proclaiming Jubilee “Year of our Lord’s Favor” Luke 4:19
Here’s “The Kingdom Anthem” for Summit County.


Did you know that Breckenridge was known as The Kingdom of Breckenridge, or The Kingdom of Colorado until 1936? Today, “Kingdom Days” is still celebrated. It’s even written on the police cars.


“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done” means that we can create Heaven on Earth by being obedient to our Father’s LAW.

“With God all things are possible” -Jesus in Matthew 19:26

“I freed 1000 slaves. I could have freed 1000 more, if they knew they were slaves” -Harriet Tubman(Moses)

During Moses time 3500 years ago and Tubman’s pre-Civil War era; many slaves couldn’t conceive of becoming free. Often a form of Stockholm Syndrome sets in where slaves actually protect their captors as they are afraid of change. Similarly, our toxic monetary system functions like a strange addiction. People will recognize that the money system is destroying them, but be unwilling to change their habits.

Let’s put our self-limitations aside for a moment and dream. Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than intelligence”. Please, use your imagination to think of a possible future where artists of all types issued their own anti-monopoly money rather than the elite Banksters. What would your life be like, if money was no longer an obstacle? What dreams would you fulfill?

Benevolent money is a technology which will help us achieve our dreams. Imagine an entire society where the existing Bank Colony is replaced by an Art Colony. Imagine a society where “lack of money” was not an obstacle to fixing problems.

That means the environment healed; no homelessness, hunger, cancer, addiction, suicide and crime. When people have genuine abundance, justice and spirituality their’s far more peace. Imagine an entire society where everyone owns their own home without debt. Meanwhile, being employed in the vocation of their passion.

One of the devil’s greatest deceptions is that there is a scarcity of money. A restaurant owner ISSUES money with a pen by creating a gift certificate. There’s no scarcity of gift certificates. Just like there’s no scarcity of “inches”. There’s scarcity of the Banksters’ monopoly money. And that’s Mammon’s leash of control over us. Imagine how different Summit County would be, if Mammon’s leash of control was broken.

To help visualize what The Kingdom would be like we wrote a short story. You can listen to the audio here. We’ve actually given a CD copy of “The Kingdom Dream” to almost every church leader in Summit County. We’re implementing the peaceful Jubilee in the form of “Operation Jericho”.

Jesus said, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must make our minds again like a child. That means we need to unlearn what Mammon has programmed us to believe over a life-time of being a debt slave. For a moment please forget about hate, self-limitation, false idols, false dogmas and false prophets. For a moment look at a future for Summit County were anything is possible. What would you want to create? As you listen please don’t get hung up on details. The point is that the locals of Summit County should decide their future. We should be self-determining; not have our future scripted by the elite Banksters.


There are multiple, free episodes of this podcast that you can download and listen anywhere. Get the “usuryFree Jubilee Monetary Reform Podcast” on iTunes,,

Have you ever seen this stained glass in Father Dyer’s Church in Breckenridge? The Jubilee is the LAW. We’re all breaking the Creator’s LAW. Will you listen to God, or the Tel-LIE-vision?

jubilee.kingdom.father dyer


What future do you want for yourself and your children? Mammon’s future of debt slavery, austerity, globalism, dollar collapse, police state and Zombie Apocalypse? Or the Creator’s future of abundance, justice and peace realized by the Jubilee?



Mountain Hours is working with voice, music, print, paint and video artists to help Christians visualize a future without limitation. Visualization is essential for us to see past Mammon’s deceptions. In order to be good shepherds we must follow God’s vision for our future.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” -Proverbs 29:18

Please watch the “Officer of Peace” music video to see what the Jubilee might look like in Denver. “Officer” was created by the Wandering Monks. Green Party Vice Presidential Nominee Cheri Honkala is featured as the Jubilee Sheriff. She ran for County Sheriff in Philadelphia, PA under the platform to block all foreclosures based upon usury. We’ve had prominent Bankster fighters from the political Left and Right test Mountain Hours.


Here’s the full explanation for the meaning of “Kingdom Days”