The path to truth, life and salvation is narrow. As the “victors write the history” Mammon has censored the truth about usury’s massive destructive power. Few who read the Bible see the specific process of how we’ve been usurped and made slaves.

Alternatively, think of our Creator as the greatest engineer. An engineer of money too, so that we all have abundance. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth has a foundation of usuryFree Jubilee Sacred Economics.

“Bible Beats Banksters” -Pastor Wayne Walton
Bible Beats Banksters

“The 144k Manifesto” -Pastor Wayne Walton
The 144k Manifesto

“History of Money and Usury in America” -Daniel S. Krynicki
History of Money and Usury in America

“The Lost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellation” -Michael Hudson PhD
“The Lost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellations

“Usury and the English Church” -Henry Swanbey

“Billions for the Banksters-Debt for the People” -Pastor Sheldon Emry
Billions for the Bankers – Debts for the People

“Bible Law on Money” -Pastor Sheldon Emry
Bible Law on Money

“Coming Soon: America without Debt, Crime or War” -Pastor Sheldon Emry
Coming Soon- America Without Debt Crime or War

We are still under the Law of Moses/Torah:
God’s Law for Modern Man

Understand how dominant Judaism & Christianity ignore the Law of Moses. Thus, they are both anti-Torah & anti-Christ.

Too busy to read? Listen up! Grow your mind to help save humanity! We’ve created a free podcast so that you can work, drive, workout or mow the lawn while feeding your brain. Only a padcast allows you to listen and drive. Don’t permit Mammon’s hirelings in media, academia or church to keep humanity in ignorance. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand once we are conscious of Sacred Economics.

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