Mammon Finances all Sides of War

warEngineers“All the world’s a stage”.

Professional Wrestling is Staged Drama which most people realize is fake. The same management company pays both Hulk Hogan and Jesse “the body” Ventura. The more violent, angry and provocative the conflict the better.

Similarly, the same Banksters finance both Democrats and Republicans. The political puppets must appear to be different. Meanwhile, each side implement roughly the same policies. Perpetual war, destruction of natural rights, police state, corruption, off-shoring high paying jobs, globalism etc.

Similarly, the same Banksters simultaneously finance other Hegelian Dialects.

1. Communism vs Fascism vs Capitalism vs Anarchy vs socialism

2. Radical, violent Judaism vs Christianity vs Islam vs atheism

Mammon is a tiny minority and can only stay in power by engineering conflict among the ignorant masses. Divide and conquer is Method of Operation. It’s worked for 1000′s of years. Remember, the devil has no power of his own. He must trick humanity into destroying itself. Hate is deliberately engineered through controlled media and schools. “Separation consciousness” and “us vs them” mentality is harnessed to grow conflict. Alternatively, Jesus commands us to “love our enemies”. We are all God’s children.

“The first casualty is war is the truth” and ”The victors write the history” are two universal truths which are valid throughout history. Please take some time to re-learn history with this new viewpoint. There has always been one continuous war on all humanity. Satan wars on God’s Creation and all humanity through the money system. 

“All Wars are Bankers’ Wars”

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How Wall St. aided the rise of Hitler

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Did you know that Western Banksters financed the Soviet Union before and throughout the Cold War?

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Manuel Noriega, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein were all financed by Western Banksters as boogie men to keep humanity is perpetual  war.

The Covert Origins of ISIS.

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