Pastors’ Peaceful Revolt

The devil has neutralized the “good men” by keeping them ignorant about our highly toxic money system. The pastor’s role is to be the shepherd of their sheep/congregation. The greatest evil threatening the sheep is Mammon. Therefore, valiant pastors must alert their flock to the various ways that psychopathic Banksters keep humanity in bondage.

The Jubilee Year is announced on Father Dyer’s stained glass window in Breckenridge. Christians 120 years ago supported Mosaic LAW for Jubilee. Colonial Americans of 1760′s supported Jubilee LAW by writing it on the Liberty Bell too. For 1500 years Christians followed Mosaic LAW which forbid usury. God didn’t change His mind. Mammon has financed a modern church which has been programmed to ignore usuryFree Jubilee sacred economics. God never wants His children to live as usurped, land renting debt slaves to the Banksters. Jesus’ first proclation, and only violent act were focused on the war loving, hate spreading, deception dealing “den of thieves”. Jesus fought the root of all evil as we must too. “Via, Veritas, Vita” 
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“Let my people go” -Exodus 9:1 The Banksters are modern day pharaoh.


What was Jesus’ first proclamation to announce His arrival? What was the most important thing He had to say? Jesus proclaimed Jubilee “Year of our Lord’s Favor”! Luke 4:19

Jesus wished to emancipate Mammon’s debt slaves then and today.

“For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:20 RSV).

The scribes and Pharisees worshipped God in word, but not in deed. They ignored Mosaic LAW which required usuryFree money and Jubilee. Only then will Believers serve God not Mammon. Believers “righteousness” can only “exceed” the scribes and Pharisees by following the usuryFree Jubilee. Only then can we enjoy the kingdom of heaven.

Pastors have dedicated their lives to Christ. Christ was tortured and crucified by Mammon as revenge for His anti-usury and Jubilee activism. Christ started a rebellion against the Banksters which later made usury forbidden by the Church for 1500 years. This is why Mammon finances an ongoing war against Christianity today. Do you want to peacefully, fight back? Here’s how we do it.

Only in the spiritual realm do Christians have superiority over Mammon and its minions in puppet government. Therefore a pastors’ Jubilee Revolt will be necessary to emancipate humanity. It’s time that pastors and Love Revolutionaries remember Christ’s sacrifice and show Mammon who’s boss. “The love of money(usury) is the root of all evil”. Therefore, usuryFree money is the essential ingredient of this Love Revolution. Believers will never have MORE usury based money than Mammon. EX: watch TV. The great deceiver’s message is heavily funded and apparent on the Tell-LIE-vision.

What might the return of the Kingdom look like in Summit County, CO?

1. “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he” Proverbs 29:18 Jesus came to fulfill the sacred economic LAW of Moses. This LAW ensures that Jews, Christians, Believers and non-believers all serve the Creator rather than Mammon. Sadly, pastors have only taught Jesus’ Commandment to: “love you enemies”. But, Jesus’ message of Truth about economics is necessary to emancipate Believers. Pastors must immediately focus on the Commandments for usuryFree Jubilee LAW. Pastors must immediately teach their flock how obedience to the LAW will offer an unlimited future of hope, peace and abundance. Our Savior is the solution Mammon’s corrupt economic system.

2. What cause shall the Body of Christ cure first? Homelessness, healthcare, affordable housing, hunger? Pick a single cause to rally all the Summit County churches around. Remember, “lack of money” a deliberate deception by the devil. A restaurant owner issues money when they sign a gift certificate. There’s no scarcity of gift certificates(money). There is scarcity of Mammon’s monopoly money. With our Creator’s LAWFUL money we will be able to cure any necessary cause. We must simply Believe in our own value then ISSUE our own money.

3. Example: Let’s build a Summit County homeless shelter. Beautiful, human beings are dying in our county due to exposure and scarcity engineered by Mammon. Let’s pledge to the Lord, one-another and ourselves that we will no longer tolerate the devil killing our Brothers and Sisters. Not on our watch. “With God all things are possible”

4. Mountain Hours recruiting drive. Each pastor must get his flock to slowly wean themselves off of serving Mammon’s money system. Every existing business should join Mountain Hours usuryFree money system. Local, independent businesses of all types ISSUE $200(20 Hours) with their own signature. “Teach a man to fish” means independence from Mammon’s addiction. “Be fishers of men” means we must find one-another’s unique gifts and passion. So, that we may all have our own businesses and ISSUE our own anti-monopoly money. Between all the various Summit churches we will quickly have hundreds of usuryFree businesses. The goal is to be able to sustain life with food, water, shelter, electricity, transportation and heating fuel.

5. The homeless shelter will require land, engineering, blueprint, permit and contracting. Let’s flex our monetary muscles and show the world that our Savior has a far better plan than Mammon’s usury loving economists. Mountain Hours is barter scrip and everyone knows that Barter Beats the Banksters. Just like the Amish raise barns based upon barter. Let’s raise Summit’s homeless shelter while simultaneously resurrecting our Creator’s LAW. Christians of all denominations uniting together with unlimited funds to co-create history. Architects, engineers, contractors, tradesmen all focused on a single cause. Then being supported by a community of restaurant, grocery, hotel, landlords and gas stations.

6. Media: Mammon owns the national political puppets and media. They are put their to bicker with one another while Mammon enslaves the minds, bodies and souls of ignorant sheep. But, with modern technology, Believers can announce this foundational message of hope to all humanity. Christians of Summit County, CO are going to follow our Creator’s LAW and co-create a real life miracle. We will televise the Love Revolution. We will “Go Big” like no other community has done for thousands of years. Rather than complaining and being rebellious children. We will be obedient, empowered children of God. We will proclaim to the watching world that the Jubilee is LAW.

7. The Kingdom is jubilant as the Jubilee grows. Let’s show ourselves and world that Christ lives in us by living joyously. Let us lead by example. Let’s show the world that we are the Greatest Generation. Let’s build the world anew. Our best days are ahead of us! Let us vanquish despair! Let the sounds of construction hammers be met with sound of music, laughter and dancing. Let us sound the shofar and announce the Jubilee!

At the very core of this Love Revolution is belief in ourselves. As soon as we believe in our own value more than Mammon’s private Federal Reserve Notes, we will win very quickly. Being conscious that we are indeed made from our Creator’s image is paramount. Together, we can co-create this beautiful future which will change the course of world history. The Kingdom is here as soon as we Believe. Remember, the devil thrives when we are fearful. Only fear is stopping us from becoming the powerful people the Creator made us to be.


“The Kingdom of Breckenridge”

kingdom dream.ww

Learn more about “The Kingdom Dream” by listening to the “usuryFree Jubilee Monetary Reform Podcast”

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