Satan’s Culture

“Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” -Mat 10:6

Mammon finances all of our institutions with a currency of usury evil. Because our currency is toxic; movies, TV, education, courts, military and courts become toxic too. While the debt slaves must work for money; the Banksters can simply invent money to create Hell on Earth.

Because we all reject God’s laws in favor of Man’s laws we are in captivity in “Mystery Babylon. Babylon means confusion. Confusion as to: why do our institution fail us, why is corruption growing unchecked and why is there such apathy and little compassion? Alternatively, God’s law is the rock of certainty. Sadly, the vast majority of believers reject God’s law, and thus Jesus.

Humanity is under a systematic all-out attack on their minds. Here’s a good article about “10 Methods of Mind Control”


Satan wants us to be perpetual debt slaves living in scarcity and fear. The Banksters pay Hollywood to script a very self-limiting future. The world’s greatest storytellers only offer us a future where we are replaced by: monkeys, robots and zombies. Alternatively, Jesus declared Jubilee emancipation from the debt masters & the Kingdom on earth.

Kids can learn about sex on TV with Britney, Miley and the Tragic Kingdom. Our culture has become hyper-sexualized. False Idols who promote it are made into multi-millionaires while children model their deviancy. Later, it’s certain that the “role model” will have a collapse and be discarded.

The satanists have a depopulation agenda implemented through toxic money, food, air, water, minds and medicine. The same usury Banksters financed genocide through food on the American Indians & the Ukrainians etc. The Banksters are waging a full scale war on all Creation. Meanwhile, the usurped Church is silent. Pastors are entrusted to be the shepherd of the flock. Therefore, church leaders are required to understand how our own systems are tools to kill us. And that external threats are deliberately financed by the same Banksters as a diversion.