The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE bank.

Our existing political, economic and monetary system is designed to enslave humanity in invisible chains. This has been the ongoing war throughout human history. But, since we’re deceived from birth we are ignorant to our servitude. We are taught that the politicians are our representatives. Then the politicians make the decisions. But, that’s a deception by the money devils.


“Money rules”

“He who has the gold makes the rules”

“Borrower is slave to the lender”   Proverbs 22:7

The United States government borrows money as a debt with interest from the private Federal Reserve System. Look at your money. It says Federal Reserve NOT US Treasury.

3 ways to prove the Federal Reserve is private. Not only is it private the Banksters make the rules not the politicians. Proof?

1. Listen to the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan say so himself.  Watch video.   “There is no agency of government which can over-rule actions that we take”- Alan Greenspan

2. Look it up in the phone book. The Federal Reserve System is listed in the Business section. Watch the video. 

3. Court ruling:   Lewis vs U.S. 

Think about the players in Jesus’ crucifixion. And the prime reason He was such a threat. Jesus was an anti-establishment warrior to fight the devil who controlled the institutions. Jesus didn’t support His synagogue as the corrupt leaders worked for the Banksters’ money and ignored Mosaic law which forbid usury. Therefore, the institutions worked for Mammon not the Creator. Courageous Christ declared Jubilee Sabbath from Isaiah 61 when He spoke in the synagogue. Jesus exposed the corrupt religious leaders who were simply tools for the Banksters.

It’s difficult for modern debt slaves to realize that another usuryFree money system even exists.  That’s how deep the Tell-LIE-VISION programming is. The best form of slavery is slavery which is imperceivable to the slave.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

The Federal Reserve is a prime tool in the devil’s deception of humanity.

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