Why dollars evil?

The US government does NOT have its own money system. The politicians are puppets for an international bank cabal. The centralized, private, monopoly, corporate, international petrodollar is the funding source for empire, globalism and usurpation of national sovereignty. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” John Perkins describes a form of “viral, mutant capitalism” which destroys the sovereignty of host nations. Please, recognize the Banksters finance socialism, communism and fascism too. The usury Banksters win regardless of which “ism” we choose. That’s why they finance each side of war. That’s how the “Father of Lies” destroys humanity.

Please watch: “The Root of all evil”.


The People: sheep. Wolves: usurped/puppet government. Pigs: den of thieves/Banksters/private Federal Reserve. We can have more money, lending and benevolent banking without usury.

Why are Federal Reserve Notes(dollars) evil? What are the Top 10 reasons why believers should not use FRN’s/dollars?

Note: we can wean ourselves from our addiction to Federal Reserve Notes slowly and painlessly with a usuryFree currency which is far more abundant. Scarce, monopoly based-money is the leash of control that the Banksters have over humanity. That leash is used to control, whip and strangle our dream for an unlimited future. “Starving artists” vs “fat Banksters” has been the paradigm that we have been programmed to believe is normal. But what will happen when artists issue money instead of Banksters? 

Private Federal Reserve Notes, gold, silver, Lincoln Greenbacks, dollars and Mountain Hours have zero value without human beings. God created human beings which are the true value which backs any form of money. When money is monopolized it will dominate humanity. Alternatively, when money is issued by the “have-nots” it will serve humanity. “He who creates controls”.

Our Creator created us in His image. Jesus is the King of kings. We are all crew members of space ship earth. The Creator didn’t create anyone to rule over us as captains. We are born free and sovereign without subjects. In order to remain sovereign we must ISSUE our own money.

That’s what the Banksters do. Because they ISSUE money they don’t protest vote, complain, live in scarcity and fear. Sovereigns ISSUE money. Slaves spend money. Our most essential right as a human being is to issue money. Only then will we remain self-determined. There is only sovereignty and usurpation. Usurpation occurs when we use a usury/monopoly based money system. Remember, the devil has no power that we don’t give him. Use of usury money permits the devil to rule over a planet of ignorant debt slaves.



Here are the Top 10 Reasons NOT to use Federal Reserve Notes(FRN).

1. FRN’s  support financial terrorism.  The devil has no power without our commercial energy. Believers unwittingly finance evil without a vote or consent simply by energizing Mammon’s evil currency. .001% rule through hate campaigns designed to divide and conquer.

2. FRN’s support cultural terrorism. Believers enable financial terrorists to wage spiritual warfare through “Tell-Lie-Vision” programming. Disney and the Tragic Kingdom will continue to destroy young minds with materialism and over-sexualization. Our children will continue to model Britney, Linsey and Miley. Even if all humanity boycotted Disney and the TV; the “den of thieves” can still finance this war.


3. Slavery. Usury is an invisible form of slavery which is often protected by the victims themselves. Even if you never borrow a dime. Federal Reserve Notes are all born as a debt with interest. Interest makes debt contracts impossible to pay for every borrower. A child is born into at least $50k debt. Debt then grows exponentially to eventually consume most human and natural resources.

4. Globalism: FRN’s are the world’s reserve currency which finances globalism. The intent isn’t to create international trade. It’s to create international dependence upon a usury based system. It’s impossible for all debtor nations to repay their debt. Globalism is intended to destroy the self-sufficiency of each nation. That’s why both puppet political parties supported the off-shoring of the “Arsenal of Democracy”. Remember, independent Ross Perot talking about the “giant sucking sound”?

5.  Usurpation. Usury usurps the independence of institutions then replaces self-determination with Bankster obedience. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds” applies to any institution which tries to identify the “money power” as the root of evil. Patriotic Americans from the Occupy Wall St, Tea Party and Ron Paul movements are each protesting in the streets. Their common complaint is that their representatives don’t represent them. That’s because they’re victims of usurpation financed by usury.

6. “Thou shalt not steal”. Believers unwittingly support the crucifiers of Jesus. Romans were paid mercenaries. He called them “the den of thieves” as they have stolen humanity’s history, dignity, wealth, land, unity, love and compassion. Just like when a “fence” traffics in stolen goods; we participate in a crime ring. Mammon is the greatest crime racket in human history. We are an accomplice as Mammon could not steal without our willful or unwitting cooperation. Inflation and usury contract fraud are a few of many wars the wolves shear the sheep.

7. Monetary Musical Chair. Just like it’s impossible for everyone to survive a game of musical chairs; it’s impossible for everyone one to pay their interest based loans. The difference is that musical chairs is voluntary. Usury requires that we all participate in a racket which has built in attrition in the form of usury. Remember, the US puppet government borrows all of its money from the private, international Federal Reserve company. “Borrower is slave to the lender”. Usury usurps government, businesses and individuals. When we sign a “Mort-gage” AKA “death gamble” we agree to join the game of monetary musical chairs. Again, it’s impossible for everyone to pay their interest based debt. Most can pay their loan off. But, it’s impossible for everyone to pay. That means the entire scheme is a fraud racket just like a Ponzi system. That means all contracts based on interest are void too. The only way to win is to not play. The Creator gave us sacred economic LAW which permits everyone to win. usuryFree money creation and lending provide a home loan plan where it’s possible for everyone to win. There was a time in America where the middle class earned enough to buy homes without loans at all.

8. Perpetual war, division, hate and growing police state are each financed with Mammon’s monopoly money. Even if we eliminated all taxes and profits to multinational corporations; the den of thieves can still birth more FRN’s in order to wage war on all Creation.

9.  Standard of living. Americans standard of living will continue to decline so long as we remain addicted to this toxic currency. The destroyers and deceivers will always have far more FRN’s than the emancipators and Creators. Mammon’s monopoly of money finances the monopolization of all of life’s necessities. 40 years ago an individual head of house-hold; often without a degree, or debt, could finance a home, car and college for the kids. Today, money and good paying jobs are so scarce one must go into debt just to pay for monthly expenses.

10. No entrance to the gates of Heaven. “For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes [see Lawyers] and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:20 RSV). Usury based money was regarded as the highest sin for the first 1500 years of the church. Usurers were thrown out of the church. We are commanded to be MORE righteous than the scribes and Pharisees. How? We must serve God by using Jesus’ Love Currency and “Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy” for Jubilee. Our Redeemer died for our debts and sins. We cannot build and prepare for His kingdom by using the devil’s money.