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Through this training humanity’s debt emancipators are forged.

The “den of thieves” have been warring on humanity for thousands of years. Jesus exposed the usurers, flipped their tables and declared debt Jubilee forgiveness. He took on the most powerful cabal on earth with courage and passion. We must do the same in order to co-create Heaven on Earth.

Mammon finances its own revolutions so that humanity becomes divided and conquered and herded toward non-solutions. Rarely is “usury” mentioned on the TV. If so, they distort the meaning to be “excessive interest”. However, the banksters can bankrupt humanity with only 1% on even gold and silver money.


99% of monetary reform information on the MSM and alternative media is promoted by the usurers. Most “monetary reform” fails to even discuss usury. They make the debate between gold and silver verses “fiat money”. The usurers are experts at confusing debt slaves with “loyal opposition” solutions. That’s how they have remained in power for thousands of years.

This site is offers genuine usuryFree monetary reform truth in alignment with sacred economics. Additionally, we offer training so that empowered Christians courageously offer hope to their tribe. Humanity desperately needs leaders with a vision for victory and hope during these difficult times.

Please realize we don’t just “talk the talk”. We have started 5 usuryFree monetary systems across the US. In Summit County, CO there are approximately 100 businesses which accept usuryFree mtnHours. It’s essential to learn from hands on experts not those without real world experience only based upon philosophy. “Actions speak louder than words”.

You are the leader that your tribe and humanity has been waiting for! Simply by following the sacred economic LAW of the usuryFree Jubilee YOU are more qualified than any PhD in economics, monetary reform author or expert, politician, talking head or banker. 

Click the link below for audio, video and book usuryFree Jubilee training: *We accept usuryFree Mountain Hours for payment!

usuryFree Jubilee Training




For those who are looking to take usuryFree Jubilee LAW and apply it into the real world we offer more direct training.

Click the link below for “The 90 Day Courageous Christ Consciousness Challenge”:

The 90 Day Courageous Christ Consciousness Challenge