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“Pastors and Peace Activists Against Usury”

“Usury: the Banksters Secret War on Humanity”

“Argentina’s Economic Collapse”

Do you know what a bank holiday looks like? It’s when the banksters close their doors and steal wealth. Beautiful, middle-class, educated human beings are forced to survive on scraps from the rich at the city dump. This is standard operating procedure for the  ”den of thieves”. The Banksters engineered the Great Depression which killed millions in the US and around the world. Please, watch “Argentina’s Economic Collapse” to see the evil perpetrated by the international bank cabal.

Have you noticed all the movies and “television programming” about the Zombie Apocalypse? Humanity is being taught that our futures are going to be much darker than our past. Austerity measures mean that we must sacrifice so that the usurers’ debts are paid no matter what.

A zombie is the walking dead. That’s what mammon wishes to turn all humanity into. Life-less machines which have “sold their soul to the devil” in order to earn Federal Reserve Notes. Alternatively, the Creator gave us unique gifts and artistry. With scarce money we are forced to be “starving artists”, if we chose to pursue our passion.

If we are willing to be obedient debt slaves; jobs are available. We must be willing to work within the police state, surveillance and war on behalf of mammon. As usury consumes all of our human and natural resources more scarcity will result in more crime. The big criminal banksters will be protected. Meanwhile, the private prison system will grow for small-time criminals. Brother debt slave versus Brother debt slaves conflict will be financed. Mammon thrives when the One Love of the human spirit is set against itself.

What happened during Argentina’s economic collapse is being set up in the US. Mammon has no allegiance to any of their debt colonies. There’s a reason why our police are being militarized.


Former KGB agent explains how to brainwash a nation.

The devil’s money is based upon usury/monopoly which allows a tiny few families to own the labor of humanity. This permits rule by the .1% psychopaths. Please watch “The Secret Covenant fo the Illuminati” to see how diabolical the “den of thieves” operates.