Who Will Build the Roads?

"Thou shalt NOT steal...but who will build the roads?"

Jah Warrior,

The Banksters' survival depends upon divide and conquer. The "taxes versus public services" struggle was one of their original schemes to create conflict. A piece of paper called a "government" made by man, does NOT have rights a human being made by the Creator lacks. "Thou shalt not steal" means stealing by anyone or anything is theft. And one cannot perform truly benevolent acts with stolen money. This is the foundation for the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP) and the voluntary movement. 

However, as One Love revolutionaries it is our responsibility to make sure we care for all our Brothers and Sisters. The Church and charity are insufficient systems to achieve this in our modern world. Today, Federal Reserve Notes(FRN's) are very scarce and many people are having a difficult time providing themselves with the basic essentials. 

"With God all things are possible" Therefore, our Creator's sacred economic LAW of the usuryFree Jubilee will provide the solution. From the bottom-up we can spend Hour Money  barter scrip into circulation as essential jobs are completed. Meanwhile, we protect from over-issuance of Hours by requiring that 1 Hour/ hour always attracts unskilled labor. Thus, we have a fixed unit value currency of Hours. Hours issued locally, but spent globally. 

With Hour Money there will never be "lack of money" to prevent essential jobs from being completed. Anything we value to accomplish is the backing for Hour Money. By following our Creator's LAW we can quickly have full employment and "Build the Roads" without waiting . 

This is the ultimate win-win agreement to unite the political Left and Right. One Love currency will permit each faction to get what they want. We must act now without waiting for Mammon's puppet politicians in Washington. We are commanded to follow our Creator's law. Not corrupt laws of man which guarantee perpetual suffering, death and debt. Jah Warrior, it's time to show Mammon the door and release our Tribes from captivity.